Screenshot Saturday & Game Mechanics


For the past few weeks we’ve been participating in Screenshot Saturday on Twitter, Reddit and the Tigsource forums. If your a gamedev and have something you want to show, Screenshot Saturday is a really simple way to get more eyes on your project no matter how early in development you are.

I’m going to give a brief description of what is happening in each screenshot including some information about game mechanics.

Exploration Phase


Every object that the player can interact with is highlighted in red when they mouseover it. Clicking on one of these objects will start an Event. Events can be long or short and are the only way to get loot. Clicking on one of the gold arrows will take you to a different room. If you get lost, you can click on the map icon on the right to see where you are and what rooms you haven’t explored yet.


Combat with a Dafuun Villager

During combat, you will use your equipment to defeat enemies. This screenshot features the HUD that shows the player information about the equipment.

The Equipment HUD is separated into several sections including basic things like damage numbers and a description. The symbols under “ELEMENTS” represent elemental damage (Fire, Electric, Wind, Gissa). Elemental weapons will both stun and do high damage to enemies weak against them.

Most attacks will do Medium damage but if you hit an enemies who is resistant to a certain element, you will do low damage. Also, weapons hitting a stunned opponent will do high damage. One strategy, for example, would be to stun an enemy first then hit them with a weapon that has a High damage stat. This can also be combined with damage multiplying items or a multitude of other effects.

You have limited resources so the best course of action is to use your equipment together to take down enemies in the most efficient way possible.

Crafting Phase with Falsen

Crafting Phase with Falsen

During the loot phase, the player can turn a piece of loot (found in events you find during exploration) into a Weapon, Item or Ally. This screenshot features Falsen, who makes Items for the player.

The other Crafters are Kamaho, who makes Weapons and Gazer, who summons Allies. They all have different ways of hinting at what kind of equipment the player will receive. The player will have to take the Crafters description, the loot description and any other hints (possibly during the event where the loot was obtained) and make an educated guess.

For example, just from Falsen’s description of his item, we can guess that it will probably harm the player in some way. Maybe it will do HP damage? Keep in mind that the fact it harms the player means it will have a powerful and beneficial effect as well. No equipment is useless.


I will be updating the blog with more Screenshot Saturday related posts in the future. If you want more information about gameplay, go Here

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