Dark Scavenger is now available on Desura!

Dark Scavenger, a hybrid point-and-click adventure RPG is now available on Desura! Psydra Games is proud to announce that Dark Scavenger is releasing on Desura on Thursday, the 12th, 2012. It will be available for $4.99 and can also be purchased from GamersGate, Little Indie, Indievania and darkscavenger.psydragames.com.

About Dark Scavenger “Dark Scavenger features more silliness and oddity than any other game I’ve played this year.” – Rock Paper Shotgun

“Dark Scavenger takes an iteration of the RPG genre that is generally thought of as obsolete and breathes fresh life into it.” – Strategy Informer

“Dark Scavenger is a dark, funny game that isn’t afraid to use an NPC’s pain for your chuckling gain. With five lengthy chapters and dozens of rooms to explore, this game is sure to keep you occupied for hours, if not days. And with so many possibilities in how you can handle a situation or the many items you can craft, replayability is definitely high.” – Jay is Games

Dark Scavenger is an adventure game that combines strategic turn-based combat with unique point-and-click mechanics.

Filling the role of a powerful space traveler, you find yourself stranded on a mysterious planet in the company of three eccentric, yet resourceful aliens. As you desperately seek a way to repair your ship, a massive conflict unfolds around you involving warring factions and a sinister force that threatens to destroy them all.

Will you adopt the problems of this world as your own or will you just save yourself?

Useful Links: Direct Link to Dark Scavenger on Desura: http://www.desura.com/games/dark-scavenger More details about Dark Scavenger: http://darkscavenger.psydragames.com/game/ Link to the Demo: http://darkscavenger.psydragames.com/demo/

Have a question or want a review copy? Send us an email at contact@darkscavenger.psydragames.com

About Psydra Games Psydra Games is a small team of working industry professionals from all over North America who banded together to make awesome games. We’ve combined our experience and passion to recreate the retro-gameplay feel with modern design philosophies.

We hope you enjoy our game as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it!

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