Dark Scavenger Gameplay: Crafting


This is what you do with all that loot you’ve been collecting!

What is Crafting?

Each time you clear out an Area, you will be transported back up to the Dark Scavenger spaceship.

This Thing is your Spaceship

Any Loot you found in the Area, you will be able to give to the Crafters to turn into powerful Equipment.

These Slackers are the Crafters

Who are the Crafters?

The Crafters are just like you; they’re people from various planets across the universe stranded in space.


Kamaho is a master blacksmith and a generally knowledgeable dude/skeleton.


Kamaho can make you powerful WEAPONS.

Some examples include:

Bladed Boomerang: Damages you if it lands the killing blow on an opponent.

Dentist Drill: Does extra damage to opponents with big teeth

Stress Maul: Bash a Stunned opponent to automatically Stun them again.

Tornado Thrower: A flamethrower that shoots tornadoes. Hits all opponents.


Falsen is a freaky green-man who lost his mind a long time ago. Nobody is really sure where it went.


Falsen can make you useful ITEMS.

Some examples include:

Kick-Me Sign: Quadruples the damage of your next hand-to-hand attack.

Poison Pop: Does minor damage to you but gives you two turns in a row. • Secret Blanket: Hide under the covers to make all enemies automatically miss you with their next attacks.

Tongue Twister: Instantly Stuns all opponents that have more than 10 words in their description.


Gazer is an antisocial alien without a mouth.

  Although he can’t talk, he can summon helpful ALLIES.

Some examples include:

Captain Nibbles: Tiny beast that only attacks Giant opponents.

Mama Bird: Giant bird that damages enemies and gives health back to you… don’t ask how.

Slasher: Swift warrior who attacks an enemy without using the player’s turn.

The Sun: Does massive damage to EVERYONE (yourself included)!

Crafting is the only way to become stronger. Make sure to grab as much loot as possible!

That’s it for the crafting post. Go here if you want to know more about the gameplay in Dark Scavenger: Dark Scavenger Gameplay

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