Dark Scavenger: Battle Music And Beyond

This week, we have a special guest post regarding battle music for Dark Scavenger from Audio/Code extraordinaire Joe Kelly!

It’s quiet in the woods you’re exploring. You hear only a soft breeze through the trees, running water of a stream nearby, and a few animals scurrying around.

This continues until your run-in with a bandit. After your unsuccessful attempt to talk him out of attacking you, you are thrust into battle. Suddenly energetic melodies race over pounding drums, highlighting the urgency of the situation – you are now fighting for your life.

Such is the auditory experience of Dark Scavenger. There is no ambient music. You won’t hear sweet melodies floating through the forest breeze or menacing tones hinting at the dangers of an enemy’s lair.

Music is heard only in those moments, as Alex says, “when something is trying to kill you”. The following clip is a preview of a few variations (Chapters 1 through 4) of Dark Scavenger’s standard battle music. It will vary with each Chapter.

Very particular musical properties change between these themes to make them fit the chapter of the game in which they exist. They are:

Key: Each new piece of battle music shifts in musical key from the last, creating a feeling of progression in the overall game.

Tempo: A more intense chapter might move at a faster pace.

Instrumentation: A different instrument takes the lead melody for each chapter. The percussion may change or be removed completely.

Hopefully, each one of those variations captures a slightly different feel for the battle. Keep in mind, this does not include boss battles – that is an entirely different beast (if you’ll pardon the pun) which will come with its own surprises.

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